Since its inception in 2013, UK Vape Club has grown way beyond our expectations. As a consequence, we've outgrown our existing website. We never expected to have the sort of success that we've had over the last few years, and it's now taking its toll on us. It was never designed to support the level of traffic that it is now experiencing (which is why we seem to have the odd website problem or two).

So, Stu's decided to get out his hammer and spanners to create a BRAND NEW website - UK Vape Club version 2, which will be called UK VAPE SCENE

UK Vape Scene


What does this mean to you, our valued customer?

The website will have a new look and feel, to make your experience easier, clearer and quicker than the existing website. You'll still benefit from our legendary service, amazing products and prices, and the same team you've come to know and love over the last 4 years. All your details will be transferred to the new system - the only thing you'll need to do when it goes live is to choose a password. This can be the same as your current one or you can choose something new - the reason for this is that we don't have access to your password, and the new system uses a different encryption method.

What does this mean for the UK Vape Club team?

We will hopefully have a website that bloody well works properly... (Fingers crossed!)

The relaunch will come some time in January - so keep a lookout, and we'll email you with further updates. The day before it goes officially live, we'll send you an email with the subject line "THE NEW WEBSITE IS NOW LIVE".

In the meantime it's business as usual, and if there's anything you need you know where we are (in the pub with our feet up).